Why Multimedia is so Important:


In the first half of 2017, advertisers spent £699m on video ads (a 46% year-on-year rise) YouGov confirmed that the time spent watching short video clips has tripled over the last three years


Within video advertising, spend has nearly doubled and is now the most popular format


Whose business can afford not to be part of this ever-increasing trend?


The intellectual paring & editing down of advertising to a brutally simple thought is, increasingly being replaced by imagery. Companies like Northern Scene are seeing more demand for their photographic & video making services.

Business today is all about providing “instant”, “snappy”, “face to format” news for your existing & future clientele; we can lay it at your finger tips for your own use; or you may choose our “Northern Scene Today” package, we will update all your media pages daily with all those fab shots and videos that we have created for you.


Social Media Management

Our commitment to you is to provide the images, short edits & videos for your brand, uploading them to your social media accounts to build your audience​.  We use our talents to your advantage enabling you to concentrate on your own forte